Sunflower Festival Near Me: Waterdrinker in Manorville

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It’s the time of year where many of us are loving the trend and asking where is the closest sunflower festival near me. My family and I do the same. We love checking all our local Long Island farms have to offer…and this is a really great option! It’s just so beautiful!! A beautiful field of sunflowers is never a bad idea.

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sunflower festival near me

What Is a Sunflower Festival?

Every year sunflower festivals around the world celebrate sunflowers for their ability to brighten up our everyday life with suns warm and wonderful rays. Sunflowers will always face the sun all day long, welcoming it to come out from behind the clouds and shine their light down upon everything on earth. Seeing a fully grown sunflower plant can be overwhelming, especially if you look at one from afar as they’re so big that they seem to take over whole fields! If you’d like to photograph sunflowers but don’t have that much space then grow them in pots or containers on your balcony; even small sunflower plants look spectacular. They have such a beautiful sun-facing flower with long petals and their sunflower seeds are also edible which means you can grow your own sunflower seeds to impress – or feed – your friends!

I mean… sunflowers are so big that they seem to take over whole fields! It can be acres of sunflowers!! It is a beautiful thing to see and be a part of. This is about nature, but there’s something to be said about this being the spot for a perfect photo!

sunflower festival near me
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Is There A Sunflower Festival Near Me

While there are a number of sunflower fields on Long Island, I wanted to focus on Waterdrinker Family Farm & Garden right now.

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Equally well known for its beautiful Tulip Festival in the spring, Waterdrinker Long Island farm always throws a pretty awesome sunflower festival as well!

Take a stroll through the Sunflower Fields and bring a friend! U-PICK Sunflower fields are also open for a limited time.  Fill up a flower bucket to take the beauty and fun home! What could be better than a bouquet of sunflowers? Visit Waterdrinker for 40% OFF PLANTS, local gifts & treats, farm-fresh produce, roasted corn, lemonade! OPEN EVERYDAY FROM 9-5 and until Sunset on Friday & Saturday!

Whether you are a professional photographer or are just looking for a new picture to send the family, these beautiful Sunflower fields are sure to make the perfect photography setting. Waterdrinker Family Farm welcomes any fun photo you can come up with – Selfies, Family Photos, Dog Photos, and more! These gorgeous yellow flowers make for nature’s best photo props!

waterdrinker sunflower festival

Family Farm Adventure

While you are there, don’t forget to take a stroll through our Family Farm Adventure! It’s just so much fun for everyone. kids and grown-ups alike! There’s so much family fun on over 15 acres of beautiful fields! From Farm Animals, Mini Golf, and Tractor Pedal Cars to Obstacle Course, Jump Pad, Wooden Playland, Family Photo Spots & more! This is a great way to get the kids to come to the farm, enjoy the sunflowers and nature, but also have some active fun you and I know they really crave and love! Open from 9 AM-5 PM every day.

Waterdrinker Long Island Farm Brewery sunflower

Long Island Farm Brewery

After all the family fun, this family-owned farm is still giving you more and more to enjoy! Now you can stop in for a beer at Long Island Farm Brewery in the really beautiful, black barn next to the nursery and farm!

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Located in a former potato barn, the tasting room and brewhouse are reminiscent of Long Island’s farming past. Run by 5th generation farmers ‘Barn & Raised’ in the agriculture world. The brewery sits on 80+ acres, which will soon include a relocated hop field. This is definitely a one-of-a-kind brewery atmosphere.

Find Out More

Admission to the farm is $15 per person, children under 2 years old are free.

You can visit the farm at 663 Wading River Road Manorville, L.I., NY 11949. It’s located at the corner of Wading River Road & South Street.

Find out more by visiting or by calling 631-878-8653.

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