Guide To CSA on Long Island

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Are you interested in learning more about CSA on Long Island? Then you are in the right place because I love talking about and supporting in any way Long Island farms. Farms around Long Island are starting to wake up and bloom again with the start of spring. Now is the time to reach out and lock in all the goodness for the upcoming year!

Community Supported Agriculture is sort of like a marriage between you and your chosen farmer. Think about it – both of you are committing to something, read. harvest, for better or for worse. And usually, it’s for the better – you get fresh, locally grown products, and your farmer gets peace of mind and can continue doing what they love.

Here are the basics: a farmer offers a certain number of “shares” to the public. Typically the share consists of a box of vegetables, but other farm products may be included. Interested consumers purchase a share (aka a “membership” or a “subscription”) and in return receive a box (bag, basket) of seasonal produce each week throughout the farming season.

There are plenty of different farms offering CSA on Long Island – oyster, flower, produce, cheese, poultry farms – so there are plenty of CSA options. However, before you commit to one farmer, you should know about all your options and compare them based on the program length, cost, farming practices, and benefits. And that’s what this article is for: to help you make the right choice.

There are many great farms on Long Island‘s land, including Long Island Oyster Farms, the only fresh snail farm (Peconic Escargot) in America, one last duck farmChristmas Tree farmspumpkin patches, and apple orchards! If you are looking for delivery, check out these Long Island farms! Here’s my guide to Long Island Farmers and their farms! Here’s another guide to organic farms on Long Island!!

Vegetable CSA on Long Island

CSA on Long Island

Andrews Family Farm

Every summer Andrews Family Farm offers you every vegetable you know of and a variety of seasonal fruits. You can buy their produce at the farm stand or sign up for their personalized CSA program.

The farm’s CSA on Long Island is called Farm to Table Baskets, and it’s ten weeks long. You’ll be receiving the veggies of your choice each week from June 28th to September 5th. The farm also offers egg shares as an add-on to the vegetable baskets.

The program gives you a couple of unique benefits. During the sunflower blooming season, you’ll get to take some of that beauty home. At the end of each season, Andrews Family Farm hosts a dinner for all CSA members as a thank-you for the support.

The CSA shares are available for pick-up and local delivery (within the surrounding town).

1038 Sound Avenue, Wading River, L.I., NY 11792

To find out more about Andrews Family Farm visit or call 631-929-0038.

Biophilia Organic Farm

Biophilia Organic Farm is your source of organic vegetables, fruits, and herbs in Jamesport. You can buy their products at the farm stand, or through special orders, or CSA.

The farm’s vegetable CSA on Long Island runs for 20 weeks, and for the 2021 season, the starting date is June 3rd. If you choose to get your share directly from the farm, the cost of a full share will be $600, and a half share will cost $375. The pick-up is on Thursdays.

However, Biophilia set up another pickup site in Port Jefferson Brewing Company. If you want to choose this location because it’s more convenient for you, then there are a few changes you need to be aware of. The price is $700 for a full share, $475 for a half share due to the delivery fee. The pickup is on Fridays; the first pickup is on June 4th, 2021.

Besides the obvious benefits of the CSA, you’ll get a chance to work at the farm if you want to and get invited to special events.

211 Manor Ln, Riverhead, L.I., NY 11901

To learn more about Biophilia Organic Farm, visit or call 631-255-4877.

Green Thumb Organic Farm

Green Thumb, a Certified Organic farm, grows over 200 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers.

As a CSA member, you’ll be receiving fresh produce for 25 weeks from June to December. The whole program costs about $600. Along with your share of the harvest, you’ll get a 10% off all purchases made at the farm stand.

For your convenience, the farm arranged three pickup locations in Huntington, Hellgate, and Cobblehill. You can check the addresses here.

To sign up for the Green Thumb’s CSA on Long Island, head over to the farm when they are open.

829 Montauk Highway, Water Mill, L.I., NY 11976

Learn more about Green Thumb Organic Farm by visiting or calling 631-726-1900.

Homecoming Farm

One of the oldest farms offering Certified Organic CSA on Long Island, Homecoming Farm grows over 25 varieties of vegetables, herbs, and flowers. They provide fresh produce for CSA members, The INN, and the Motherhouse of the Sisters of St. Dominic.

The full share of the farm’s harvest costs $900 with pickup every week. A half share means biweekly pickup and costs $475. You’ll be collecting your produce from the farm from June to October. And you can choose to do it on Tuesdays or Saturdays.

But note that if you sign up for the farm’s CSA membership, you’ll have to work at least 15 hours on the farm. If you fail to fulfill this requirement, you’ll be charged $100.

555 Albany Ave, Amityville, L.I., NY 11701

To learn more, visit or call 631-842-6000.

Jamesport Farmstead

Jamesport Farmstead is a 50-acre farm that focuses on growing veggies, fruits, herbs, berries, and flowers without any sprays or chemicals. You can buy their products at the farm stand and through their CSA.

A vegetable share of the farm’s harvest contains 8-14 items each week and allows you to harvest cut flowers and herbs and U-pick berries. Check out their harvest timeline to see what veggies you’ll be getting. The program runs for 20 weeks from June to October and is $750. There are two pickup days; you can pick either Friday or Saturday.

Jamesport Farmstead also has a more flexible program – Member Choice CSA – which means you choose what you buy. It works this way: you prepay for credits (min. $750) and use them to purchase fresh produce at the farm stand and online shop during the season.

1192 Main Rd, Jamesport, L.I., NY 11901

Learn more about Jamesport Farmstead by visiting

Natural Earth Organic Farm

The Natural Earth farm is Certified Organic and sells its locally grown organic produce through markets and the CSA program.

The farm’s vegetable CSA on Long Island runs for 20 weeks, from June to October. Each week you’ll receive 6-9 different items of fresh produce. To check out a sample CSA share, click here.

If you choose the farm as your pickup location, a share will cost $500. For any other pickup site – and the farm has more than ten sites – the price of CSA is $550.

Some of the other benefits for CSA members include farm tours and 10% off purchases at the farm’s online shop and markets.

Calverton, L.I., NY 11933

To learn more about Natural Earth Organic Farm, visit

Marilee’s Farmstand

Because Marilee’s Farmstand grows seasonal vegetables all year round, it allows them to offer summer and winter CSAs to the Long Island community.

The delivery of fall/winter shares is usually from November to January. The winter CSA on Long Island costs $40 per week and includes a selection of winter squash, potatoes, and pickled goods. If you buy spring/summer shares, you’ll start receiving the fresh produce in April. Both programs are for pick-up from the farm only.

To sign up or find out more about the farm’s CSA, send an email to [email protected].

98 Sagg Main St, Sagaponack, L.I., NY 11962

For more information, visit or call 631-537-0070.

Organics Today Farm

A small farm in East Islip, Organics Today Farm sells honey, meat, poultry, seedlings, and produce at their farm stand. And they also have a vegetable CSA on Long Islandprogram that starts in May and ends in October. Visit this page to find out what the farm grows.

A share costs $550 if you are willing to spend 24 hours volunteering at the farm. If you don’t want or have time for volunteering, you can pay $600 for your share instead. You are free to choose the day and time for the pickup from the farm. But you have to stick with it throughout the season.

169 Washington St, East Islip, L.I., NY 11730

For more information, visit or call 631-480-6497.

Orkestai Farm at Planting Fields Arboretum

At about 1 acre, we’re really a Market Garden rather than a farm. However, their size allows them to…operate at a human scale while growing enough to feed dozens of families and supply various restaurants.

Their goal is not to be merely sustainable or organic, but regenerative. The farm mimics natural ecosystems, laying compost, leaves and other organic material plus some minerals, on top of the soil and planting and creating the space for a biodiverse array of plants. This regenerates the soil and can even take carbon out of the atmosphere and put it back in the Earth.

The farm is a certified organic vegetable farm growing for a Community Supported Agriculture membership, Farmer’s Markets, Restaurants and others interested in local, delicious and healthy produce. Enjoy a diverse, unique, flavorful, fresh, colorful assortment of seasonal produce. Receive updates, recipes and tips from our weekly newsletters. Click here to see pictures of previous CSA shares.

Every week from mid June – October members are provided with seasonal certified organic vegetables grown at the farm. Members also volunteer in the field during Community Days, are passionate about how their food is grown, and care deeply about their Earth and each other.

 P.O. Box 653, Oyster Bay, L.I., NY 11771

Find out more by visiting

Red Fox Farm

Red Fox Farm is a Certified Organic farm that sells most of its organic produce to its CSA members. You can sign up for the farm’s summer program that runs from May to October. There are full shares that cost $650 and a half share for $325.

The pickup is on Thursday or Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you opt for a full share, you’ll be getting your produce weekly. For half shares, pickup is every other week.

104a Second Ave, Brentwood, L.I., NY 11717

To learn more about Red Fox Farm, visit or call 631-553-2700.

Zilnicki Farm

Zilnicki Farm’s vegetable CSA is a pure advantage to you. First of all, you get to decide what veggies to include/exclude, choose the size and how often to receive your produce. There are three share sizes – Small, Medium, and Large. The small one is suitable for 1-2 people and is $39. The medium share is $69 and can be enough for 1-3 people. If you are a family of four, choose the Large box for $99. Zilnicki Farm can deliver the goods to you weekly, biweekly, or monthly; it’s up to you.

With fresh produce, you’ll also be getting eggs and cut flower bouquets. You’ll also receive free cookbooks and recipes. Also, not only will you be eating healthy food, but you’ll get a chance to exercise because, with the CSA share, you get free access to four yoga lessons. In addition to all these benefits, you can also pay in segments if you can’t make the full payment at once. And last, the farm can deliver your share straight to your home, although pickup at the farm is also available. Sounds like a great deal, doesn’t it?

3747 Sound Ave, Riverhead, L.I., NY 11901

For more information on Zilnicki Farm, visit or call 631-255-2598.

Poultry CSA on Long Island

CSA on Long Island

Browder’s Birds

Browder’s Birds is a Certified Organic & Pastured Poultry Farm. They raise chickens, ducks, turkeys, and sheep, and sell the meat, eggs at their farmstand and as CSA shares.

The Browder’s Birds Chicken CSA includes one White Broiler or one Red Broiler chicken (when available). The full share costs $675, and you’ll be receiving your frozen chicken every Saturday for 20 weeks. You can also choose a half share; you’ll be receiving it every other Saturday, and it costs $350. If you miss one week, you can arrange to take two birds the following week.

The farm also has a 20-week Egg CSA. You can sign up for it for $220 and receive a dozen eggs every week.

Both programs start on June 4-6th, 2021, and you have to make full payment for the shares before the first pick-up. If you live on the North Fork, you can pick up your share from the Greenport Farmers’ Market. For South Fork, the pick-up location is the Westhampton Beach Farmers’ Market.

4050 Soundview Avenue, Mattituck, L.I., NY 11952

For more information on Browder’s Birds, visit or call 631-477-6523.

Feisty Acres

You should remember the name Feisty Acres if you and your family love poultry. The farm grows a variety of game birds and specialty poultry, including quails, ducks, turkeys, etc.

You can sign up for their CSA for $500 and get your portion of fresh meat monthly. This share also includes eggs. Every month you’ll receive different birds and eggs; you can check last year’s harvest to get an idea of what to expect.

If you are interested only in egg share, you can buy it for $216. It includes a dozen chicken eggs, half a dozen duck eggs, and 15 quail eggs that you’ll receive twice a month.

These two CSA programs run from June to November each year and are available for pick-up only. You can choose to pick your share up in Southold, Union Square Greenmarket (on Wednesdays), or Grand Army Plaza Greenmarket (on Saturdays).

45375 County Rd 48, Southold, L.I., NY 11971

To learn more about Feisty Acres, visit or email [email protected].

Oyster CSA on Long Island

Oyster CSA

Little Ram Oyster Co.

The Little Ram oyster farm offers its delicious oysters as part of weekly CSA shares and monthly kits.

There are three CSA options – 31 weeks, 16 weeks, and 31 weeks & monthly kits. The half share option costs $540; pick-up is every other Friday. The 31-week program costs $930, and you’ll be picking up your oysters every Friday. If you choose the third plan, you’ll be able to replace seven CSA boxes with seven monthly kits (on the first Friday of every month) for an additional $190. All CSA options last from Memorial Weekend to New Year’s Eve and available for pick-up only.

The Little Ram will start selling their monthly kits from June 4th to December 3rd. Every set contains 25 oysters and a few specials each month. For example, the first kit has three sauces, the second one has butter, and the third set offers you tequila sauce and Bloody Mary mix. You can subscribe to receive all kits or buy them separately. Your order will be available for free pick-up. You can also choose delivery; it costs an additional $30.

12710 Soundview Ave, Southold, L.I., NY 11971

Find out more about Little Ram Oyster Co. by visiting or calling 631-896-0766.

Yennicott Oyster Company

The Yennicott Oyster Company sells their oysters at the partner farm – KK’s Farm – and as CSA shares.

The oyster farm offers you several options – weekly, monthly, and monthly partly packages. Included in the share are oysters, a copy of Regarding Cocktails, a shuck kit for 2, and a special gift from the KK’s farm.

All three programs run from Memorial Weekend to Thanksgiving. The weekly and monthly shares both contain 26 ct oysters and cost $975 and $300, respectively. The monthly partly package contains 50 ct oysters and is $525.

If you sign up for the Yennicott Oysters’ CSA, note that the pick-up location is the KK’s farm at 59945 Main Rd, Southold, NY 11971.

Little Peconic Bay, L.I., NY

For more information, visit or email [email protected]

Flower & Herb CSA on Long Island

Herricks Herbs and Heirlooms

Herricks Lane Farm is a Certified Organic farm, which specializes in seedlings, compost, and herbs. They have a self-harvesting Medicinal Herb and Root CSAs.

The Medicinal Herb CSA runs from May to September with two harvesting days each month. The program costs $240 and includes 12 mainstay herbs. If you’d like to get more herbs, you can do so by paying an additional $10 per portion.

The Root CSA includes five mainstay roots and costs $100. With this program, you’ll be harvesting roots every Tuesday during October. You can check out the mainstay herbs and roots here.

If you are too busy or don’t want to harvest yourself, you can have the goods harvested and boxed for you for an additional $20 per box.

The farm also has Egg CSA, however, the main and spring shares for this year are sold out already. Contact the farm if you’d like to sign up for the next year.

81-91 Herricks Ln, Riverhead, L.I., NY 11901

For more information, visit or call 631-722-2293.

Flower CSA

North Fork Flower Farm

If you are looking for a source of gorgeous field-grown flowers, North Fork Flower Farm is happy to provide all you need. The farm has several flower CSA plans.

There is a 9-week Spring Delights program that runs from April/May to June. The price is $180 for the pickup option, $234 for home delivery.

If you like summer flowers, you can subscribe for a 10-week Summer CSA to receive beautiful bouquets from July to September. It costs $200 or $260, depending on whether you pick it up or have it delivered to your home.

And for the fall season – the time when you really need bright colors to lighten your mood – there is a Fall Flowers Subscription for $160- $208. It runs for eight weeks, from September to October.

You can also sign up for the Flowers by Month program. With this option, you get fresh-cut flowers weekly for one month. For June, August, and September, the subscription costs $80-$104. If you choose May, July, or October for your membership, it’ll be $100 (pickup) or $130 (delivery).

The farm delivers CSA flowers everywhere on the East End of Long Island.

1110 Terry Ln, Orient, L.I., NY 11957

To find out more about North Fork Flower Farm, visit or call 212-727-9907.

Salt Air Farm

Salt Air Farm is a wonderful farm on Long Island that offers flower CSA. They call it Buckets of Blooms because they use 1-gallon buckets to hold your share.

If you sign up for the program, you’ll be receiving one bucket of seasonal flowers weekly, starting from May. There are 4-, 8-, 12-, and 20-week subscription plans available. The shortest option is $150, the longest one costs $700. The 8-week program is $300, and for 12 weeks, you’ll pay $450.

You can choose Thursday or Friday to get your buckets of flowers. The pickup location is the farm.

1535 New Suffolk Rd, Cutchogue, L.I., NY 11935

To learn more about Salt Air Farm, visit or call 631-235-8195.

Mixed Product CSA on Long Island

Amber Waves Farm

Amber Waves Farm grows more than 300 varieties of vegetables, herbs, flowers and sells them at their farmer’s market and online store. They also have a wide variety of CSA options.

Their CSA memberships have a different starting time, length, and price. You can start receiving your share of fresh veggies from Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or Labor Day. You can choose the end date to be Thanksgiving, Columbus Day, or Labor Day. The prices of these options vary from $230 to $1170. There is also a share only for August (five weeks for $330). The farm’s CSA is for pick-up only.

Also, Amber Waves partners with other farms and allows you to buy some of their products as add-ons to the CSA shares. These optional add-ons include bread, cheese, fruits, flowers, beef, and seedlings.

367 Main St, Amagansett, L.I., NY 11930

To learn more about Amber Waves Farm, visit or call 631-267-5664.

Bayard Cutting Arboretum CSA Farm

Bayard Cutting Farm offers you vegetables, herbs, and flowers through a CSA program. They also have eggs that they give to CSA members and sell at the Manor House throughout the year.

The farm’s CSA consists of 8-12 seasonal vegetables that you can get weekly or biweekly. A weekly share costs $800, the biweekly option is $400, and both run from late May/early June to October. Pickup should be done on either Tuesday or Thursday. During the pickup, you can go to the farm’s herb garden and pick some herbs and flowers. And for the 2021 season, Bayard Cutting allows their CSA members to pick their own cherry tomatoes and hot peppers.

The farm also has implemented Pickup Insurance, which costs an additional $15-30. This insurance gives you up to 48 hours to retrieve your produce if you can’t make it on your pickup day.

440 Montauk Hwy, Great River, L.I., NY 11739

To find out more about Bayard Cutting Farm, visit or call 631-256-5048.

Balsam Farms

Balsam Farms grows vegetables and berries and also sells products from its farm partners as add-on shares.

These products are fruits ($360), prepared foods ($520), fresh Mozzarella ($286), cheeses ($390), eggs ($208), bread ($208), beef ($695), and cut flowers ($225). You can buy Balsam Farm’s produce and add these additional goods when you become a CSA member.

The farm currently offers four options – 15-, 18-, 23-, and 26-week veggie CSA programs – that start on May 27th, 2021. The 15-week option costs $500 and ends on September 2nd. The 18-week CSA costs $600 and ends on September 23rd. If you choose the 23-week program, you’ll pay $760 and will be receiving your veggies up until October 28th. And the longest option costs $860 and runs until November 18th.

The shares are available for free pick-up from two locations – the farm stand and Montauk Market. Or you can have the goods delivered to your home; the delivery fee is $20 per week.

293 Town Ln, Amagansett, L.I., NY 11930

Learn more about Balsam Farm by visiting or calling 631-267-5635.

Early Girl Farm

Early Girl Farm’s owner is a former chef, and now she farms and grows excellent vegetables. The farm’s 2021 summer CSA starts on May 28th and costs $675. It’s a 15-week program, meaning you’ll be receiving your share up until September 3rd.

Apart from the fresh produce, there are other benefits that you’ll enjoy as a CSA member. You’ll be able to volunteer at Lighthouse Mission. During the pick-up, you will get a chance to eat dosas prepared by the Early Girl farmers. And you’ll be receiving weekly newsletters with recipes and cooking tips. Don’t forget it’s all made by a former chef, so it’ll be simply delicious.

Speaking of deliciousness, in winters, the farm has another CSA program that runs for six weeks. It features soups made from greens and herbs grown on Early Girl Farm. The pick-up location for this unique CSA is It’s Only Natural Bellport.

Brookhaven, L.I., NY

Find out more about Early Girl Farm by visiting or emailing [email protected].

Garden of Eve Organic Farm and Market

Garden of Eve grows many varieties of vegetables, fruits, flowers and brews its own beer. They own a cafe and host farm tours and events. Seeing how many projects they manage, it’s not surprising that they have quite a few CSA options.

The farm has summer and winter CSAs. Summer deliveries are weekly or biweekly and run from June to Thanksgiving. Vegetable shares are available in three types – usual, Vegeholic, and Combo. The usual box includes 7-9 items and costs $655 (full share) or $345 (half share). If you want to receive twice as many veggies, you can buy the Vegeholic share for $1200 or $655. The Combo option includes a bit of everything – vegetables, fruits, flowers, and eggs – and costs $1190 or $630.

In winter, you’ll be receiving produce monthly from December to May. You can choose to receive veggies with or without eggs and groceries (NYS grown products). The price is the same for all options – $385. There is also a separate winter Egg CSA that includes a dozen eggs and costs $50.

For both summer and winter shares, there are add-ons, too – beer, plants, and cheese/dairy. And there are plenty of pick-up sites so you’ll be able to find the closest one to your home.

But Garden of Eve’s CSA is a bit different from your usual CSA in two ways. First, members might have 1-2 mandatory volunteer shifts at their pick-up sites (some locations don’t have this requirement). Second, the farm allows you to place the delivery on pause three times. If you can’t pick it up and choose to put it on hold, you can get CSA credit instead of your share. The credit can be used to buy extra stuff the following week.

4558 Sound Ave, Riverhead, L.I., NY 11901

To find out more about Garden of Eve, visit or call 631-722-8777.

Golden Earthworm Organic Farm

The CSA membership for 2021 at Golden Earthworm is full, but that shouldn’t stop you from learning more about their program. After all, there is always the next year.

Golden Earthworm CSA runs for 25 weeks and includes 6-9 items of organic produce. Check out the farm’s harvest schedule to find out what produce they grow. If it’s convenient for you to pick up your share from the farm, you’ll get a small bonus in the form of a cheaper price – $25.88 per week. However, the farm has a lot of CSA pickup sites all over Long Island, so you can choose one of those locations and pay $26.80 weekly.

In addition to fresh, locally grown veggies, you can sign up for a 14-week fruit share from Briermere Farm. It’s an add-on to Golden Earthworm vegetable CSA, consists mainly of peaches, apples, and pears, and costs $102.

652 Peconic Bay Blvd, Riverhead, L.I., NY 11901

Find out more about Golden Earthworm Organic Farm by visiting or calling 631-722-3302.

Long Island CSA

Goodale Farms

Goodale Farms provides fresh and healthy dairy products, fruits, vegetables, meat, baked goods, and soaps. They have a farm stand, an online shop, a CSA program and make an appearance at several Long Island farmers’ markets.

However, the farm’s CSA is different from your usual one because it’s completely customizable and can last throughout the year. Basically, it’s like shopping for groceries at an online store.

Goodale Farms call it a weekly Meal Subscription Box, and it includes dairy products, pasture-raised meats, and produce. There are three box sizes available – Standard (for 2-4 people), Large (4-6 people), and Vegetarian (2-4 people). The Vegetarian and Standard plans cost $75 per week; the Large one costs $100 per week. Once you sign up, you’ll have to pay for the delivery monthly. During the months that have five weeks, you’ll be billed additionally.

250 Main Rd, Riverhead, L.I., NY 11901

To find out more about Goodale Farms, visit or call 631-901-5975.

Hamlet Organic Garden (HOG)

Open since 1996, Hamlet Organic Garden, or H.O.G. Farm provides you with over 300 varieties of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers. All this you can get through CSA or at the farm stand.

The H.O.G. Vegetable CSA is a 22-week program that starts in May and ends in October. The regular option is $32 per week; the small shares cost $20. H.O.G. organized three pickup locations for your convenience – the farm, a private home in Selden, and Tullulah’s Restaurant in Bayshore; choose any.

In addition to vegetable shares, you can also have fresh fruits and pasture-raised beef. The Briermere Fruit share is either 9 weeks ($125) or 18 weeks ($225). The monthly Acabonac Beef share costs $350 and includes ground beef, burger patties, filet mignon, and steaks.

There is also another unique add-on – Pick Your Own – that costs $125. This allows you to come to the farm once a week and get some flowers, herbs, strawberries, cherry tomatoes, and more.

H.O.G. Farm cares about the LI community deeply, and that’s why it organized the Flying Pig Fund that gives those in need of financial assistance an opportunity to enjoy the CSA program. Also, there is a way for members to get a $100 refund if they spend 15 hours volunteering at the farm.

319 Beaver Dam Rd, Brookhaven, L.I., NY 11719

Learn more about Hamlet Organic Garden by visiting

Organics Today Farm

A small farm in East Islip, they grow non GMO, Organic produce that you can trust. In addition to produce, they sell fresh gathered organic eggs from local chicken farms. Every Saturday morning fresh bread is baking including Banana bread , then Zucchini bread, and ending with Pumpkin bread. They also make their own honey sell garden seedling, imported Sicilian olive oil, as well as clean meat and poultry.

There’s also a CSA you can join. The CSA program begins sometime in May depending on the weather and ends the first week of October. Each consecutive week members pick up a large box of in Season produce featured that week. Members choose the most convenient day and time to pick up and that becomes their time for the season. 

Plan A is $550 with 24 hours of work required. Plan B is $600 with no work required.

169 Washington Street, East Islip, New York 11730, United States

Find out more by visiting or by calling 631-480-6497.

Quail Hill Farm

One of the original CSA farms in the US, Quail Hill Farm sells most of its products as CSA shares. And their program is organized quite thoughtfully.

This year, for all shares, the farm is implementing a sliding scale fee structure with four levels – Standard, Contributor, Sprout, and Seed. The Seed level is for families who struggle financially. If you have a lower middle income, then you can apply for the Sprout level. And the Contributor level is for those who have a stable good financial situation and would like to help others.

Quail Hill Farm has winter and summer shares. The winter CSA is from mid-November to February with pick-up every other Friday and Saturday. It includes root veggies, alliums, and greens. The price for this share is $300-600, depending on the level.

The summer CSA runs from June to October; it includes veggies, fruits, and flowers. The shares are divided by size into three categories – Single, Family, and Box. The Single shares are for 1-person households and cost $350-800. The Family shares are enough to feed two or more people and cost $700-1500. If you choose these options, you’ll get your products twice a week. The Box option costs $480-1000 and is available for pickup once a week.

660 Old Stone Hwy, Amagansett, L.I., NY 11930

Find out more about Quail Hill Farm

by visiting or calling 631-267-8492.

Restoration Farm

Fresh veggies, berries, flowers, and herbs, grown by Restoration Farm, are available to you through their CSA program and farm stand.

If you are looking forward to receiving fresh produce weekly, the farm can do that for you for almost the whole year as they have CSA for summer, fall, and winter.

The summer and fall CSAs both run for eight weeks. The summer one is from July to September; the fall option is September to October. The fees for both seasons are the same: a full share costs $460, and a half share is $260. The winter CSA costs $150 and includes three pickups of late-season greens and storage crops.

But if these programs are too short for you, you can sign up for the farm’s main share, which runs for 22 weeks. This CSA starts in June, ends in October, and is available for weekly and biweekly pickup. The price for a full share is $1,195; a half share costs $645.

The produce is for pickup from the farm only. If you can’t make it on the pickup day, you can use Pickup Insurance to have additional time to get your products. This insurance costs $35 for a half share, $70 for a full share.

The main, summer, and fall shares all include pick-your-own herbs, flowers, and berries. However, if you decide to split your share with someone and that someone wants to participate in pick-your-own, you’ll need to pay a $95 Partner Fee.

Restoration Farm also has a flexible alternative to CSA – Shopper Share. It means that you’ll get a discount when you pay in advance, get store credit, and use it to buy anything at the farm stand.

140 Bethpage-Sweet Hollow Rd, Old Bethpage, L.I., NY 11804

To find out more about Restoration Farm, visit or email [email protected].

Sang Lee Farms

Open since the mid-1940s, Sang Lee Farms, a Certified Organic farm, offers you more than 100 varieties of vegetables through CSA and retail.

In 2021, the farm’s CSA starts on June 8th and ends on November 16th, making it a 24-week program. There are partial and full shares available. The full share option costs $780; you’ll be receiving 8-10 items per week. If you choose to get partial shares, you’ll pay $570 in total; this option includes 5-7 items weekly.

Sang Lee Farms also offers you add-on products – cheese and fruits – made by their partner farms. These additional shares run for 18 weeks, starting from July 6th and ending November 2nd. For $295, you’ll be getting various cheeses every week from eight different farms. For $170, you can get fresh fruits grown by Briermere Farms without any hassle.

Your CSA on Long Island share is available for self-pickup and home delivery. The delivery costs around $500 for 24 weeks. If you prefer not to pay for a delivery, you can choose a pickup site closest to you from these eleven options.

25180 County Rd 48, Peconic, L.I., NY 11958

To find out more about Sang Lee Farms, visit or call 631-734-7001.

Sep’s Farm

Sep’s Farm’s CSA is suitable for everyone because it comes in all sizes, lengths, and variations.

You can choose to sign up for large or small shares. The large option is suitable for up to four people, and the small one is for two.

Regarding lengths, there are 20-week Full Season, 12-week Long Summer, and 10-week Summer programs. The Full and Long Summer Seasons start in June; the 10-week one starts in July.

But the main advantage of the Sep’s CSA is that you can sign up for either Pre-Packed or Pick Your Own shares. With the Pre-Packed program, you’ll be getting what veggies the farm chooses for you, but you can pick up to three items that you never want to receive. And Pick Your Own CSA lets you decide what products you’d like to receive each week.

The Sep’s Farm shares are available for Shelter Island, too, but only as Pre-Packed.

Apart from this veggies CSA on Long Island, you can also sign up for beef and flower shares. To find out the prices or buy shares, click here.

7395 Main Rd, East Marion, L.I., NY 11939

Learn more about Sep’s Farm by visiting or calling 631-477-1583.

Sylvester Manor Educational Farm

Sylvester Manor Educational Farm has offered CSA on Long Island membership since 2009. Their vegetable CSA is a 21-week program (from June to Halloween). The base cost for a share is $560, however, starting from 2021, there will be a sliding scale fee structure. So if you can afford to pay more than $560 and choose to do so, your money will go towards subsidized and donated shares. If you can’t afford to pay $560, contact the farm to see if they can get you into the program.

The farm also has Bread Shares. This CSA on Long Island can be a stand-alone program or add-on to the veggie share. Each week you’ll be receiving a different loaf.

For all CSAs, the pickup location is the farmstand; the pickup time is Saturday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

80 N Ferry Rd, Shelter Island, L.I., NY 11964

Find out more by visiting or call 631-749-0626.

Treiber Farms

Founded in 2014, Treiber Farm is relatively new to the world, but they provide their produce not only for customers and CSA members but also for restaurants and local chefs.

The farm’s vegetable CSA is a 20-week membership that starts in June. For $460, you’re getting fresh produce and access to the Treiber Farms herbs and flowers. You can check out what they offer here.

You can choose to be picking up your share from the farm on Fridays or Saturdays. If you miss the pickup, your box will be donated. If you live within a 15-mile radius of the farm, you can opt for home delivery. It’ll cost more, but you won’t worry about missing your window at least.

Treiber Farms also has another CSA, in which A stands not for Agriculture but for Art. It’s a 12-month postcard CSA on Long Island that costs $60. If you sign up for it, you’ll get a different postcard every month with a personalized note, drawing, or poem.

38320 County Rd 48, Peconic, L.I., NY 11958

For more information, visit or call ‭516-425-1458.

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