Guide to Fire Island Restaurants

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Are you looking for great Fire Island restaurants to enjoy when the weather begins to heat up?? There’s a number of fun spots oozing with beach vibes. Live music, often times reggae and island rock, permeates the air almost as much as seagulls and crashing waves do! It’s just a really awesome time.

Fire Island National Seashore is a long, thin barrier island on the South Shore of Long Island. Here’s a Fire Island map to help you get a good idea of the uniqueness of the place. To get a better idea of where it is, check out this map of Long Island.

fire island
Source: The Long Island Local

Check Out These Fire Island Restaurants

Fire Island is a wonderful and unique part of Long Island. Not to be too cliché, but it’s so close yet a world away. You really, truly feel like you are getting away to another place. It’s small-town America in a place where time stands still. To go with the natural beauty and all of the beautiful water, there are a number of really great Fire Island restaurants to enjoy! From beachfront seafood shacks to raucous bars and clubs, Fire Island has a lot to offer and enjoy.

Check out this Guide to Fire Island restaurants and let me know which ones are your favorite or which ones are high on your must-try list! There are 26 great spots in all to enjoy!

When you’re ready, be sure to check out my huge list of waterfront restaurants Long Island for all the great spots with awesome views on the mainland, too!!

14 Ocean Beach, Fire Island Restaurants

Ocean Beach is the main commercial hub of Fire Island, with the most fire island restaurants, bars, clubs, shops, and hotels.

The Albatross 

Serving up great food and drink for decades. Always a local favorite, stop by for a quick drink, a game of darts or a bite to eat. With with a full bar & outdoor patio and offerings of fresh seafood, raw oysters & other American grub…there’s something for everyone.

320 Bay Walk, Ocean Beach, L.I., NY 11770

Find out more by calling 631-583-5697 or visiting

The Baywalk Cafe

A local breakfast/lunch spot featuring Acai bowls, smoothies, egg sandwiches, and iced coffee and more favorites.

311 Bay Walk, Ocean Beach, L.I., NY 11770

Find out more by calling 631-583-0000 or by visiting


Perhaps the best Italian food on Fire Island, Beacheria is all about the finest and best ingredients. Hand crafted specialties are served daily, including salads, heroes, pizza, and paninis.

786 Evergreen Walk, Ocean Beach, L.I., NY 11770

Find out more my visiting or by calling 631-583-0387.

fire island restaurants

Castaway Bar and Grill

This new location for this warm and welcoming spot is beautiful! Castaway is a dependable place for a low-key lunch, dinner, or drinks, though there can be some late nights spent here for sure. The owner of Castaway also owns others Ocean Beach restaurants and ice cream spots, including The Landing restaurant, Baywalk Café, and Beaches & Cream.

927 Evergreen Walk, Ocean Beach, L.I., NY 11770

Find out more by calling 631-583-0330 or by visiting

CJ’s Restaurant & Bar

For 49 years CJ’s Restaurant & Bar has been serving food and fun to residents and vacationers of Fire Island. Known as the “Home of the Rocket Fuel®”, a pina colada type of mixed drink infused with Bacardi 151. CJ’s has become Fire Island’s landmark bar that also serves what may be the best priced lobster dishes on Fire Island.

479 Bay Walk, Ocean Beach, L.I., NY 11770

Find out more by calling 631-583-9890 or by visiting

Dockside Brick Oven Pizza and Deli

Dockside is the only eatery on Fire Island with brick oven thin crust personal pizza that cooks from start to finish in 130 seconds. You can try a signature pie or build your own. We also have a fully stocked Deli counter where you can order specialty sandwiches or also build your own. Enjoy our delicious hangover curing egg sandwiches.

778 Bay Walk, L.I., NY 11770

Find out more by calling 631-583-0303 or by visiting

Fira’s Falafel & Frites

This new spot shares space with The Baywalk Cafe. Fira’s menu offers traditional Mediterranean dishes with an alternative twist, including falafel, hummus, and hand-cut pomme frites with a variety of dipping sauces. The frites are hand-cut daily then cooked twice until crispy.

311 Bay Walk, Ocean Beach, L.I.,NY 11770

Find out more by visiting

Island Mermaid

The Island Mermaid kitchen has been a creative engine for new and adventurous food over the last 25 years. Their ‘fusion’ cuisine boldly blends distinct flavors and interesting ingredients from diverse parts of the world. 

780 Bay Walk, Ocean Beach, L.I., NY 11770

Find out more by calling 631-583-8088 or by visiting

The Landing at Ocean Beach

This American food spot is known for it’s seafood and it’s brunch. The eclectic and upscale-skewed menu features dishes like truffle mac, baja fish tacos, avocado toast, duck lettuce wraps, and shrimp tempura.

620 Bay Walk, Ocean Beach, L.I., NY 11770

Find out more by calling 631-583-5800 or by visiting

Maguires Bayfront Restaurant

Serving only the best and most fresh garden-to-table ingredients, with specials that include ingredients grown in their own garden. The signature “Lobsterpalooza” ($31.75 three-course dinner with either a 1 1/2-pound lobster or prime rib main) will be available every Thursday into the fall starting June 10, and its happy hour will be on weekly Monday through Friday on its bar deck. Parties of six or more require a reservation, less will be seated on a first-come, first-serve basis.

1 Bungalow Walk, Ocean Beach, L.I., NY 11770

Find out more by calling 631-583-8800 or by visiting

Matthew’s Seafood House

Around since 1974, Matthew’s is a casual spot that is all about the seafood. There is also a gourmet market, Matty’s Market, offering prepared foods as well as fresh fish, much of it local. Finally, you can tie up your boat at Matthew’s Dock, directly South of Buoy #15.

 935 Bay Walk, Ocean Beach, L.I. NY 11770

Find out more by calling 631-583-8016 or by

Rachel’s Restaurant and Bakery

Founded by Rachel Doering in 1975, Rachel’s Restaurant and Bakery started out as a tiny bakery selling just a few classic items that can still be found in the window today, like chocolate chip cookies and Black Magic cake. By 1990 that tiny bakery had expanded to include a full restaurant and a great late night place being that it stays open until 4AM! They offer takeout and delivery for people residing in the Ocean Beach area. 

325 Bay Walk, Ocean Beach, L.I., NY 11770

Find out more by calling 631-583-9552 or by visiting


This is a classic beach ice cream spot right in the middle of town.

The owner of Scoops is also the owner of Taco Beach, as well as Castaway and other Ocean Beach restaurants and ice cream spots, including The Landing restaurant, Baywalk Café, and Beaches & Cream.

310 Bay Walk, L.I., NY 11770

Find out more by calling 631-583-5173 or by visiting is a choice spot for ice cream and other sweets.

fire island restaurants

Taco Beach

This is a bright, hip, and trendy new taco spot that replaces the old Castaway (which moved to the old Bocce Beach).

The owner of Taco Beach is also the owner of Castaway and other Ocean Beach restaurants and ice cream spots, including The Landing restaurant, Baywalk Café, and Beaches & Cream.

310 Bay Walk, Ocean Beach, L.I., NY 11770

Find out more by calling 631-583-5700 or by visiting

2 Ocean Bay Park, Fire Island Restaurants

Schooner Inn

Lunch and dinner are available daily plus a popular happy hour Mondays through Fridays. There’s also a great Prime Rib night on Thursdays and Friday with bingo that where a bicycle is the grand prize.

57 Bayview Ave., Ocean Bay Park, L.I., NY 11715

Find out more by calling 631-583-8498 or by visiting


Still a high energy party hotspot after 85 years! This great restaurant and night club features waterfront dining, live music and a very popular happy hour!

Dinner Cruise

Kick back and enjoy the summer breeze and magnificent sunsets on your way to this famous Fire Island landmark. Sway to the music on the MoonChaser, out of Captree Boat Basin and enjoy the party atmosphere full cash bar, and a dinner buffet table featuring Steamed Lobsters. Trips to Flynn’s sail every Wednesday and Thursday evening in July and August, departing from Captree State Park at 7:00pm.


Flynn’s has a full service 50 slip boat Marina with Shore Power and Fresh Water. Call for more info.

1 Cayuga St., Ocean Bay Park, L.I., NY 11715

Find out more by calling 631-583-5000 or by visiting

2 Fair Harbor, Fire Island Restaurants

le dock fire island

Le Dock

Le Dock Restaurant is a local favorite serving seafood, cocktails, and wine. There’s also Le Dock Pizza on offer. Guests can walk, bike, or take the Fire Island Water Taxi to and from the restaurant, which offers both indoor and outdoor seating. Delivery to Kismet is also available.

60 Bay Walk, Fair Harbor, L.I., NY 11706

Find out more by visiting

Le Dock Pizza

Le Dock Pizza is located directly behind Le Dock Restaurant, offering takeout only pizza pies.

60 Bay Walk, Fair Harbor, L.I, NY 11706

To place an order, call 631-583-5200.

4 Kismet, Fire Island Restaurants

Fire Island Tap 

Fire Island Tap is a local café located in the Margarita Villas. It serves strong coffee, craft beer, as well as unique wines & tapas. They also have very good pastries and charcuterie plates available for local delivery. 

177 Pine Street, Kismet, L.I., NY 11706

Find out more by calling 631-583-9463 or by visiting


The Kismet Inn 

Family owned and operated since 1925! Located in Margarita Villas, this neighborhood tavern serves up the staples like burgers and local seafood. The inn also offers live music during evenings as well as a full bar. Try to baked clams!

1 Oak Street, Kismet, L.I., NY 11706

Find out more by visiting

Pizza Shack of Kismet

The Pizza Shack of Kismet, located just steps away from the Fire Island Boatel, offers two walk-up windows: one serving pizza, and another serving Italian ices and soft serve ice cream. The Pizza Shack also has picnic-style outdoor seating available.

21 East Lighthouse Walk, Kismet, L.I., NY 11706

Find out more by calling 631-583-8388 or by viewing

4 Fire Island Pines Restaurants

Pines Bistro and Martini Bar

This Continental restaurant offers traditional favorite dishes, plus daily/seasonal specials. It is the only establishment in the Pines that offers all-season, sit-down dinner, with sophisticated cocktail lounge ambience. The menu changes, depending on what’s fresh, in season, and appealing, any given weekend.

36 Fire Island Blvd, Fire Island Pines, L.I., NY

Find out more by calling 631-597-6862 or by visiting

Pines Pizza

With a deck overlooking Fire Island Boulevard, this is the local pizza joint for the Pines. Salads, Grab-n-Go meals, plus all-day coffee & more, from early April to late September.

36 Fire Island Blvd, , Fire Island Pines, L.I., NY

Find out more by calling 631-597-3597 or by visiting


With its dockside view, check out brunch and it’s menu including pulled pork sandwiches, fish tacos, and Cuban sandwiches.

Harbor Walk, Fire Island Pines, L.I., NY 11706

Find out more by calling 631-597-6500 or by visiting

Blue Whale

The Blue Whale offers Marina Bar + Grill dining (Dinner, nightly–except Wednesdays–plus weekend & holiday Brunch), nightly Low Tea, weekend Piano Bar, & more, to suit a wide range of tastes.
The Marina Bar + Grill showcases classic favorites + specials, featuring fresh, local market produce, top regional fish & seafood, as well as premium meats & poultry. From harborside al fresco, to the more intimate dining/cabaret room, come for a return to the classics, at Tea Dance, by the Piano, and for simple elegant dining.

70 Picketty Ruff Walk, Fire Island Pines, L.I., NY 11796

Find out more by calling 631-597-6500 or by visiting

Stay The Night

Maybe you want to plan a stay to really explore all the great Fire Island restaurants, the watersports, and the natural beauty of this special place. Or maybe you just want to get away for a night in a place that seems really far away but isn’t.

Whatever the reason, there are a lot of great places to stay on Fire Island, but the Fire Island Boatel is a newly renovated and unique spot to consider for sure!

Getting To Fire Island

There are basically no cars allowed on the majority of Fire Island…and that’s how the locals and visitors like it. It really makes this a destination like no other! To get to Fire Island, you pretty much have to take to the water. Here are your options.

Fire Island Ferries

For most, a ferry is the only way to cross the Great South Bay and while the vessels are running, all who would like to board must wear masks, just like in 2020. Customers are also asked to social distance when possible. Check the schedule for the latest ferries from Bay Shore (99 Maple Ave.; 631-665-3600,, Sayville(41 River Road, Sayville; 631-589-0810, and Patchogue (80 Brightwood St.; 631-475-1665,

Fire Island Water Taxi

Fire Island Water Taxi provides both private and public water taxis for getting to and around Fire Island. Further information regarding Fire Island Water Taxi can be found at their website,

Public Docking

For those who wish to travel to Kismet by private boat, the Kismet Inn Marina has fifty slips available for docking. Slips are first come first serve and are located just a few paces away from the Fire Island Boatel.

Off Fire Island

I love Fire Island, but there’s so many other great places to see and things to do on Long Island! If you come to stay in Fire Island, be sure to make plans to see more of Long Island, too.

Things To See and Do on The East End

The Hamptons and Montauk is a world-renowned beach resort destination for good reason! There is just so much to see, do, and enjoy! Here are just a few of them:

Check out some luxury homes in The Hamptons!

Maybe you will love it so much, you’ll want to check out some Hamptons wedding venues!

Enjoy some of the world-class, amazing art in The Hamptons!

Enjoy some great Hamptons restaurants, including delivery!

Check out Shelter Island! Shelter Island is only accessible by the Shelter Island Ferry. The South Ferry connects to North Haven on the South Fork. Find out more about Shelter Island, it’s different towns and more by checking out this page that includes a handy Shelter Island Map!!

Explore Long Island Wine

Depending on where you are enjoying your Long Island kayaks and paddleboards, you’re likely pretty close to Long Island Wine Country! It’s another great part of visiting the island. If you’re in the mood for great wine, be sure to check out our Complete List of Long Island Wineries and Long Island Vineyards.

Check out the absolute best Long Island Wine Tours!

If you can’t make it to a tour, why not do some wine tasting at home with Bedell Cellars!

I know you’re getting hungry, so be sure to also check out the best wineries on Long Island for some great food!

While you’re in the area, be sure to check out these 9 relaxing things to do in the North Fork!

When you’re done with all of this wine drinking and relaxing, how about making it a weekend? Here are 10 great North Fork Long Island hotels to enjoy as well.

Make It A Weekend Out East

The East End of Long Island is a really special spot. If you think you’d want to check it out and maybe even stay a while…that wouldn’t be such a terrible idea.

If you wanted to consider different options for staying on Long Island, be sure to check out these great places to stay in Montauk, 11 Hamptons hotels, 10 North Fork Long Island hotels, and this Guide to Sag Harbor hotels! Enjoy reading up on and hopefully exploring these wonderful Shelter Island hotels and let me know if you decide to make it a vacation!

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