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If you are looking for great Long Island bookstores to visit and enjoy some good reading, this is the guide for you!

Are you a hopeless bookworm who’s looking for a great Long Island bookstore to call your second home? Why did I say hopeless? It’s because even though you are living in the age of ebooks and e-readers, which make reading possible anywhere anytime, you can’t seem to give up the good old print books. But then again, who can blame you?

The feel of the weight of a book in your hands, the smell of a new book, the rustling sound of pages, and the excitement of seeing how many pages are left – no e-reader will ever be able to offer you that. But bookshops can. And luckily, Long Island has plenty of independent and chain bookstores that will keep your bookworm soul happy.

Long Island bookstores

Independent Long Island Bookstores

Berry & Co.

Berry & Co. isn’t just another simple one of many Long Island bookstores filled with books where you visit with only one goal – to find the book you want and get out. No, this Long Island bookstore (formerly known as Harbor Books) has such a homey and welcoming vibe that makes you fall in love with the place immediately. There you can spend a whole afternoon without even realizing it – just checking book after book until you find the one. And don’t doubt that you’ll find the perfect book for yourself because the bookshop offers you a selection of fiction and non-fiction, children’s books, and literary collections carefully and thoughtfully picked by Taylor Rose Berry, the owner and operator of Berry & Co.

But books aren’t the only thing Berry & Co. specializes in; there are also special teas, coffee, herbal remedies, crystals, CBD, tea tastings, workshops, aura readings, and other magical events. The sweet lovely shop seems to be a physical representation of its owner’s soul; all Taylor Berry’s interests and hobbies in one place that she’ll gladly share with you.

Stop by and participate in the book club, blind date dinner party, or just come for a book and try some tea – either way, you’ll love the experience.

26 Main St, Sag Harbor, L.I., NY 11963

For more information, visit or call 631-899-4118.


In 2015, the East Hampton book lovers nearly lost their cozy little source of books that served them well for almost 40 years, but luckily, they were saved by Carolyn Brody when she purchased BookHampton in 2016. It was a win-win situation for everyone – Carolyn got her childhood dream of owning a bookstore, and the East Hampton residents got to keep their beloved bookshop (they even got an upgraded version of it).

The BookHampton store you see now is a brightly lit space with a cute interior and a good selection of fiction, non-fiction, and children’s books. Even though the shop doesn’t offer a place to sit and relax while choosing a book, it has something equally valuable – knowledgeable staff. Whether you are feeling overwhelmed by options or can’t seem to find that particular book, the employees of BookHampton will help you find what you need. And they understand the line between helpful and pushy, so don’t be afraid to approach them.

BookHampton regularly hosts a variety of events for adults, teens, and kids, including a book club and author events, so be sure to check their calendar. The bookshop is open 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Sundays.

41 Main St, East Hampton, L.I., NY 11937

Visit or call 631-324-4939 to find out more.

Book Revue

A paradise for Huntington book lovers and maybe the most well known of Long Island bookstores, since 1977, Book Revue is currently Long Island’s largest independent bookstore. In the shop, you can find new, used, rare, collectible, signed books, digital audiobooks, kids books, and they also feature works by local authors. And if you always have trouble choosing a book to read, you’ll love their 6 books for a $40 discount book bundle. The idea behind this offer is, you provide information on what books and genre you love, and based on that information, the staff picks six books from their discounted remainder tables for you. This way, you don’t have to go through the time-consuming process of selecting a book, save money, and get to find the most interesting gems you otherwise could have missed.

But Book Revue doesn’t only sell books; it also buys them from anyone willing to sell – given that the used books meet their criteria, of course. There is also a book club every third Wednesday of every month (except for September); it’s free to attend. And like any self-respecting bookstore, Book Revue offers you author events; check their calendar to learn more. A part of the shop is also a cafe with delicious sandwiches and specialty coffee, so if during your visit you get hungry (and that can easily happen because, well, hello, books!), you won’t have to leave this paradise.

Enjoy all that Book Revue has to offer in person or through their online shop. The bookstore is open every day: 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. from Monday to Saturday, 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sundays.

313 New York Ave, Huntington, L.I., NY 11743

Visit or call 631-271-1442 to learn more.

Dolphin Bookshop

Opened in 1946, Dolphin Bookshop is the oldest independently owned of the Long Island bookstores. During the 75 years of its operation, the bookshop has changed three locations, four owners, and numerous book signing by famous authors and celebrities, including J.K. Rowling.

The Dolphin Bookshop might look like a small establishment from the outside, but you’ll see that it’s pretty capacious once you enter. You’ll find a wide selection of books, toys, games, arts & crafts supplies, and more; the store also features jewelry, hats, and scarves provided by Fair Trade vendors. In addition to all of that, there is a nice little cafe inside the store where you can enjoy the unforgettable Stumptown coffee and spend a lovely time reading or writing.

If you are looking for a gift to give to a book lover, The Dolphin Bookshop is your place to be. Not only is the staff extremely knowledgeable and able to find the perfect book for a gift, but they also offer gift certificates, gift baskets, and the Book-of-the-Month program.

This LI bookshop hosts various events – from tarot card readings to fundraisers – and welcomes you anytime between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

299 Main St, Port Washington, L.I., NY 11050

To find out more, visit or call 516-767-2650.

The Good Times Bookshop

If you are looking for out-of-print, scholarly, or rare books, then The Good Times Bookshop should be the first one to check out. Founded in 1972 by Michael and Mary Mart (and still operated by them), the bookstore was available offline until July 2006, but since then, all sales are conducted online.

The antiquarian book business offers you more than 10,000 titles, but The Good Times Bookshop keeps most of these books in storage and only a fraction on display. So if you cannot find the book you want among the 1,400 titles listed on the website, send an email to this address, and Michael and Mary will search for it.

The Good Times Bookshop makes an appearance at a few Book Fairs a year on Long Island and in New York City, so if you want to check their collection in person, you can call and ask about their schedule.

7 Flowerfield Suite 11. St. James, L.I., NY 11780

To learn more, visit or call 631-403-8055.

Long Island bookstores

Red Jacket Books

Don’t you just love Long Island bookstores that has a genuine love for books? That’s Red Jacket Books for you. Opened in July 2020 by a fellow book lover Ben Vengroff, it’s a place where everyone – no matter their age, profession, gender – will feel like they belong as long as they love books. And even then, even the people who hate reading will be able to find that one book that’ll change their opinion.

You might be wondering about the name of the store – after all, it’s a weird choice for a shop that sells books. Why Red Jacket? Bed Vengroff has been wearing the red jacket he fell in love with and bought in California for a very long time. He’s been wearing it every single day, and it’s become the feature he’s recognized by. Some love it, some hated it, but everyone knew Ben and his red jacket. So when it came to naming his store, Ben didn’t have to think for too long.

You can check out the Red Jacket Books shop from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Sunday, and don’t forget to follow Ben’s Instagram account for weekly book recommendations.

77D Main St, Westhampton Beach, L.I., NY 11978

For more information, visit or call 631-533-5580.

Bookstore Chains

Barnes & Noble

With over 600 stores across the U.S. and several Long Island bookstores alone, Barnes & Noble is, without a doubt, the largest bookstore chain in America. They offer an overwhelming number of titles in their stores and online shop. Fiction, non-fiction, kids books, audiobooks, ebooks – they’ve got it all and then some more: toys, games, collectibles, movies, music. If you ever struggled to find a book, then chances are, you haven’t checked Barnes & Noble.

But being your source of all kinds of entertainment is just a part of Barnes & Noble. They also developed and sell NOOK tablets and e-readers, and there is a free NOOK reading app available for iOS and Android. In addition to these achievements, the bookstore chain also acts as a publishing service, helping independent authors reach millions of readers easily.

Most Barnes & Noble bookstores have cafes inside where you get to reading your new book immediately after the purchase or just relax after shopping.

Visit here to find the nearest Barnes & Noble location.

Find out more by visiting

Book Warehouse

There are only two things that can break a book lover’s heart – book prices and unattainability of the book they want. And while the second one doesn’t happen too often, book prices are thorns in any bookworm’s side. However, Book Warehouse solves both of these problems simply by existing – it has a wide selection of books and low prices!

With more than 30 locations across the U.S., Book Warehouse is the leader among discount booksellers that has plenty of titles and categories to choose from – romance, science, history, cookbooks, children’s educational books, and more. Every reader of every age and interest will be able to find something to their taste and get a great deal during the process.

The Long Island Book Warehouse location is in Riverhead; the bookstore is open every day: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Sundays.

200 Tanger Mall Drive, Riverhead, L.I., NY 11901

Learn more by visiting or calling 631-591-1001.

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Explore Long Island Wine

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Make It A Weekend

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