Lavender Farm Near Me: Lavender By The Bay

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When I talk about the Lavender farm near me here on Long Island, people tend to look a little bit puzzled. It’s called Lavender By The Bay and it’s the Lavender farm Long Island never knew it needed…but does now.

lavender farm near me
Source: Lavender By The Bay Instagram

Lavender By The Bay: Lavender Farm Long Island

The original farm in East Marion, way out on the East End of the North Fork, is 17-acre oasis is just a gorgeous lavender farm that is stocked with over 80,000 lavender plants! The fields are really so beautiful, even magical, when you wonder through the rows of wonderful purple plants.

As great as lavender is, it’s even better when you can meander about, taking in the vistas, smells, and feels of the farm at it’s peak. It’s really a wonderful experience, something not quite like anything else.

There is also a brand new farm growing further west in Calverton that I can’t wait to visit, too.

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lavender farm long island

Shop for Lavender Products

Think dried lavender bouquets and aromatherapy. Think bath and body products and Lavender Fleur de Sel. Whatever you think, Lavender By the Bay has so many amazing products to enjoy! The Lavender Honey may just be the best of the bunch!

Naturally grown on the North Fork of New York’s Long Island! This wonderful, aromatic lavender is perfect for you peace of mind in so many ways.

COVID Update

Unfortunately, under the current situation with COVID, the fields will be closed to the public for the summer. The farms are open for curbside pickup of their awesome products. Be sure to call ahead or visit the website to see if they are open for sales.

lavender farm near me

More About This Lavender Farm Near Me

This family (and dog) friendly is just such a gem. Are you intrigued about all of the awesome this magical place offers? tGo and check out their website at now! It’s a great resource…even if you just want to check out some nice pics of those beautiful fields! Check out their history, too, it’s a great read.

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