Guide To Mashomack Preserve Shelter Island

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Are you looking to explore the wonderful Mashomack Preserve Shelter Island? The “Jewel of the Peconic” is protected by the Nature Conservancy and many nature-loving Long Islanders. Mashomack Preserve is a world away yet just 90 miles from New York City!! The preserve covers over 2,350 acres of interlacing tidal creeks, mature oak woodlands, fields, freshwater marshes and underwater lands. That’s a full one-third of the Shelter Island, so you can see how important it is to the residents of the island and it’s visitors.

Mashomack Preserve Shelter Island

With 11 miles of coastline, woodlands, and acres of creeks and fantastic hiking trails, there’s just so much to see, do, and take in. The mix of untouched coastlines, tidal creeks, and woodlands makes for a great place to spot ospreys, turtles, and other endangered wildlife. Be sure to head to their website to check out what’s happening at the manor house, which, in addition to the best social events of the summer, offers a variety of environmental programs for adults and children.

As the warmer weather arrives on our doorstep, allow yourself a few hours of exploration as you hike through easy terrain in a beautiful serene setting. During your walk, see how many different types of plants, trees, and wildlife animals you spot. As spring is now upon us, you may spot some baby red fox and deer, as well as box turtles, possum, and many more iconic species.

Mashomack Preserve Shelter Island

Wildlife to See and Enjoy

Since 1980, over 200 species of birds, including 79 nesting species, have been recorded at Mashomack Preserve Shelter Island. Admire painted turtles basking on a sunny log. See spring peepers chirping. Check out monarch and swallowtail butterflies, dazzling dragonflies, or buzzing cicadas.

Salt marshes shelter clams, blue claw crabs, and a variety of fishes. The night brings little brown bats and moths, including the beautiful luna and rare Imperial. Other nocturnal creatures may leave footprints, scat, or rubbings to signal that a fox, raccoon, or deer passed by.

The only natural community of its kind on Long Island, the Pine Swamp Complex is comprised of plants rooted in a floating mat of sphagnum moss. Probes have found organic accumulations ten feet thick dated to be 3,900 years old. 

More Information

This ancestral land of the Manhanset peoples has housed generations of farmers, fishers and those seeking refuge from the constant bustle of life. The Mashomack Preserve Shelter Island is open Wednesday-Monday from 8am-6pm and is closed on Tuesdays.

79 S Ferry Rd, Shelter Island, L.I., NY 11965

Find out more by visiting (you can download a trail map) or by calling 631-749-1001.

Mashomack Preserve

More Shelter Island Information

Find out more about Shelter Island, it’s different towns and more by checking out this page that includes a handy Shelter Island Map!!

Shelter Island is…an island. One of the things that makes it so unique, peaceful, and quaint is that there are no bridges linking to the island. Shelter Island is only accessible by the Shelter Island Ferry. The North Ferry connects to Greenport on the North Fork. The South Ferry connects to North Haven on the South Fork.

On the island, car service is available from Shelter Island Go-Fors. Bikes can be rented from Piccozzi’s Bike Shop.

Shelter Island is a really special spot. If you think you’d want to check it out and maybe even stay a while…that wouldn’t be such a terrible idea.

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