Absolute Best Long Island Craft Beer

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I love Long Island craft beer from a number of distinct and different Long Island breweries. It’s great to try local culture and support local businesses.

There are just so many styles and tastes, with more and more coming out seemingly every day. There’s a Long Island craft beer wonderland out there, and it just keeps getting better!!

Long Island Craft Beer

The past decade has been very good for craft beer lovers on Long Island. There has been an explosion of great breweries, from a handful to over 50…with more coming in 2020 and 2021 already! From the very micro to the pretty large, there’s something for everyone today.

They are in just about any and all corners of the Island, too. This helps to make it easier for just about anyone curious to try them out! Trying as many beers as you can really gives you a great feel for what a brewery is all about and what types of beers you like and don’t like. Taking tours are great idea, too.

Top Beer List

Here are some of my favorite beers from some of the best breweries on Long Island in no particular order!

Long Island craft beer
Source: Barrier Brewing

Barrier Brewing Co.

  • Money
  • Lomax
  • Intellectual Violence
  • Cryomax
  • Woo Hah
  • Imposter Pilsner
  • Peach Gose
  • 9 Meals Away
  • 51631
  • Icculus Kolsch

Greenport Harbor Brewing Company

  • Leaf Pile Ale
  • Tidal Lager
  • Otherside IPA
  • Harbor Ale
  • Naturally Juiced (Mets or Yankees version)
  • Summer Ale

1940’s Bewing Company

  • Wicked Chowder
  • 1940’s Lager
  • Snap Crackle Porter
Long Island craft beer
Source: Blue Point Brewing

Blue Point Brewing Company

  • Toasted Lager
  • Pinstripe Pilsner
  • Hoptical Illusion
  • Imperial Sunshine
  • Mother Pumpkin
  • Shore Thing
  • Naturally Juiced
  • Hazy Bastard Variant #4
  • Gose – Beach Plum, Blackberry, Peach

Great South Bay Brewery

  • Blood Orange Pale Ale
  • Massive IPA
  • Sleigh Ryde Winter Ale
  • Jetty Ale
  • Velvet Hot Tub Milk Stout
  • Field 5 Golden IPA
  • Pretty In Pink IPA

Port Jefferson Brewing Company

  • Beach Beer Ale
  • Party Boat IPA
  • Trippel H Belgian Style Trippel
Long Island craft beer
Source: Montauk Brewing

Montauk Brewing Company

  • Juicy IPA
  • Driftwood Ale
  • Watermelon Session IPA
  • Pumpkin
  • Pilsner
  • Session IPA

Spider Bite Beer Company

  • First Bite Pale Ale
  • Straight A’s IPA
  • Boris the Spider Russian Imperial Stout

Sand City Brewing Co.

  • Oops I Hopped My Pants IPA
  • Radical ONE Imperial IPA
  • Second Wave Imperial IPA
  • Two Imperial IPA
  • Southdown Breakfast Stout

Destination Unknown Brewing Company (DUBCO)

  • Science of Selling Mango Milkshakes
  • Sour Science 1.0
  • Waikiki Wheat
  • Local to Locals #8: Milkshake IPA
Long Island breweries
Source: Garvies Point Craft

Garvies Point Craft Brewery

  • Sour Batch Tiki
  • Tauktoberfest Märzen
  • Off Road IPA
  • Sour Batch Motueka
  • Lil Bruin Cabernet Barrel Aged Sour

Six Harbors Brewing Company

  • Pumpkin Lager
  • Kaos IPA
  • Barleys Berliner
Long Island breweries
Source: Oyster Bay Brewing

Oyster Bay Brewing Company

  • Alexa Imperial IPA
  • Barn Rocker SessionAle

Long Ireland Beer Company

  • Celtic Ale
  • Breakfast Stout
  • Chocolate Porter
  • Black Friday imperial Stout

See For Yourself

There are many more that could be on this list, so be sure to get out there and try it all out for yourself.

Please note, since this is local and craft beer, some of these beers are limited releases and some are seasonal. Check with the brewery’s website and social to see what they currently have on tap.

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