Bayville Scream Park’s Bayville Haunted House

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It’s Fall on Long Island, which means there’s a really great Bayville Haunted House called the Bayville Scream Park. It’s a ton of fun and has become a Long Island Halloween favorite and mainstay. “Long Island’s Infamous Haunted Theme Park” is just that…and it’s a lot of fun for both you and your family.

Every year, at end end of summer, the Bayville Adventure Park closes and becomes the Bayville Scream Park. It’s a seamless transition in which the park is only closed for a few days yet is completely transformed! The Bayville Scream Park runs until approximately a week after Halloween.

bayville haunted house
Source: Bayville Scream Park

Bayville Haunted House Attractions

The Bayville Haunted House lies in the Bayville Scream Park, which is a haunted wonderland during the Halloween season. There are 7 fun and spooky attractions and you can pay for admission into all or just some of them.

Bloodworth Haunted Mansion

This Bayville Haunted House is the frightening old manor overrun by zombies after a doctor’s experiments went awry!

Uncle Needles Funhouse of Fear

This creepy funhouse is loaded up with spooky characters and crazy clowns. You will never look at a “funhouse” the same.

Bayville Haunted Asylum

Bad things have happened at this old “asylum” where horrors from the past continue to wreak havoc on unsuspecting victims today!

bayville scream park
Source: Bayville Scream Park

Evil in the Woods

There seems to be evil in the Bayville Forest from a horrific incident where prisoners escaped the asylum. Are you going to be brave enough to find out what really happened?

The Cage

Enter the CAGE facility to try to understand how a new steroid experiment went terribly wrong, turning all it’s test subjects into blood thirsty canibals!

Temple of Terror

Avoid the zombie mummies and make it out with the treasure after solving mysteries and navigating the creepy tombs.

Drive-In Horror Movie Experience

This add on a drive-in horror movie includes a LIVE theatrical performance, creating a terrifying 45 minute experience enjoyed in the safety of your own car. This as a stand-alone attraction or an addition to the 6 Attraction Combo ticket at a discounted rate. 

slaughtered lamb pub
Source: The Slaughtered Lamb Pub

So Much More To Do

There’s a ton of other things to do and experience at this amazing amusement park! While you are there, be sure to check out the Zombie Pirate Mini Golf Course, the Spooky Jungle Treetop Adventure, and the Zombie Axe Throwing!!

Food & Drink

There are number of great options to eat and drink in the middle of your scare time. For a quicker type of meal, you can enjoy a drink and a bite (ahem) overlooking to mini golf course at the Zombie Bar and Lounge. Grab a quick bite, like a burger, popcorn, ice cream, or pretzel, at the Creepy Cafe.

For a more sit-down experience, there are a few more options next to the park. Enjoy a large beer selection and great pub food at the Slaughtered Lamb Pub already famous for years in Greenwich Village. You can also enjoy pool, darts, foosball, shuffleboard, and that amazing Zombie Axe Throwing.

Right next door to the park, you grab a meal at the Shipwreck Tavern for steaks, seafood, and more. You can also visit their new Tiki Bar Cafe, and their ice cream parlor Beaches and Cream Soda Shoppe.

Ticket Prices

Are you ready for the new 2021 trailer???

Check out the site for more info and to order your tickets! Prices range from $23.75 for a single attraction to $72.75 for 6 attractions on pack nights with the speed pass ($54.75 without speed, $49.75 without speed and non-peak). The drive-in experience is $29.75 by itself and $19.75 as an add-on.

Other Events and Seasons

The Bayville Scream Park also offers Not So Scary Kids’s days which will be held during the day as well as Glow Stick days where you have to escape the house having only one glow stick to light your way!

Once Halloween is past, there is always something to do. Enjoy Bayville Winter Wonderland, Bayville Haunted Christmas with Krampus, Bayville Haunted St. Patrick’s, and Bayville Haunted St. Valentine’s!!! This is just a lot of haunting, isn’t it great???

When it’s not haunting or holiday season, enjoy the Bayville Adventure Park for an awesome summer, pirate themed experience!!

More Information

Oh man, this looks really scary and stinking awesome. No wonder USA’s Greatest Haunts calls it one of the top haunted attractions in America!!

The Bayville Scream Park with the Bayville Haunted House is located at 8 Bayville Ave., Bayville, L.I., NY 11709. It’s right in town, right across from the beach!

Find out more information by calling 516-62-GHOST or visit

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